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About Us

For lots of reasons rivers in the UK are in a seriously sorry state, and the river Frome is no exception. We're a group of volunteers working to change that.


 From sewage overflows to agricultural pollution, climate change to over development – our river faces all sorts of problems. We were founded in the nineties to help tackle some of these problems. Now we're working through a comprehensive decade long strategy to restore the river, and celebrate all its wonder. Rewilding The Dippy, creating a beautiful waterside for the town centre, teaching kids about the joy of rivers, we've got ambitious plans...  


The Committee

The Friends of the River Frome committee is made up entirely of volunteers whose expertise spans all sorts of (most river related!) disciplines. Lots of us juggle our work with FORF with jobs and other commitments, but we're united by a love for the river.

Who else we work with

We're lucky to work with lots of brilliant organisations in Frome and further afield.

Sustainable Frome > 
A local group dedicated to a green future for Frome. 


Rodden Nature Reserve Management Group > 
The team in charge of looking after Rodden Nature Reserve, a wetland bursting with wildlife. 


Frome Canoe Club > 
The canoe club meets by The Cheese and Grain and has a canoe slalom on the river. 


Frome Town Council > 
We collaborate with the town council on all sorts of initiatives, they also support our river strategy. 


Frome Recreational and Open Ground Supporters (FROGS) > 
A community group who help look after green spaces in Frome. 


Farming and Wildlife Group South West (FWAG) > 
A charity who work closely with farmers and landowners to protect wildlife.

FromeFM >

Long live local radio! Especially when they help raise awareness of the river!

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) >

As the river Frome joins the Avon we often work closely with BART on projects

Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership >

The BACP are a group of organisations who collaborate to improve the Bristol Avon and surrounding environment.

Somerset Rivers >

A brilliant resource mapping rivers and waterways in the county.

Wild Trout Trust >

A conservation charity who specialise in protecting trout and the waters they live in.

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